Peace Officers and My Support

There is a spirit of craziness rolling like a menacing fog, seeping into some minds and hearts. The mindless bloodletting is uncalled for. Protest, demonstration, marches...that's the beauty of the American liberties. But retaliatory violence is the beginning of madness.

Part of what makes Law Enforcement work properly is when the citizenry stand behind their Peace Officers, appreciating their work. They do what most of us would not want to be faced with; they go into situations that most of us would find downright abhorrent and unnerving; they are first-responders to emergencies that most of us don't know how to deal with; they are often a wall of civility, hope and safety behind which almost all of us can and do thrive.

I am very grateful for the Peace Officers I have known over the years, and for the many whom I haven't known but I see doing their jobs. Because of you my family and I can live each day in relative safety - almost a mindless safety because you do your jobs so well.

Thank you! I salute you and stand with you.



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