"The One, The Three and The Many" by Colin Gunton (a non-review)

The One, the Three and the ManyThe One, the Three and the Many by Colin E. Gunton
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This was an interesting plunge into a whole different way of thinking theologically. And it was quite an intellectual stretch. It seems to me that Gunton was addressing the valuable critiques from Modernity and later Modernity (post-modernity) as well as it's deep short-falls. But the author also worked slowly into the material, massaging into the this work bit by bit, what he sees as the remedy to the critiques and the short-falls: a renewed and reworked theology of creation through the lens and relationship of the Trinity. This will impact and change our anthropology: our human-to-human, human-to-creation, human-to-God relations; "All things are what they are by being particulars constituted by many and various forms of relation. Relationality is thus the transcendental which allows us to learn something of what it is to say that all created people and things are marked by their coming from and returning to God who is himself, in his essential and inmost being, a being in relation" (229).

This is my second time to read "The One, the Three and the Many." I was befuddled most of the time then (2006) and I was befuddled most of the time now (2014). Nevertheless, I sensed that there are profound things here, and I will likely be pondering this material for some time to come.

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