Prayer of Thanksgiving - For God Himself

{I plan to be posting Thanksgiving Prayers all of this week - 23 through 30 November 2014; so come back every day. Mike}

Prayer of Thanksgiving – for God himself!

O Holy God –

  • Uncontaminated by greed, envy or lust;
  • Unstained by hysterical anger, self-centered egoism, or soul-stifling insecurity;
  • Uncontained by space, time, laws of physics, or human rationality;
  • In Whom all is contained, sustained and arranged;
  • In Whom there is more goodness and truth in one “ounce” of you – so to speak – than there is in our whole being;
  • In Whom there is more love and compassion than anything we could imagine or fashion;
  • You are the beauty of holiness itself, in all radiance and purity;
  • You are the meaning of all, seen and unseen, visible and invisible;
  • You are the fullness of justice, rightness, gladness and peace!
And you are all of these things without us – O Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

And you are all these things for us!!!!

Glory to you, O God Most High!

{I hope you find this prayer thought provoking. But more than that, I hope this prayer will enhance your relationship with God. If you use this prayer for something other than personal use, please give credit where credit is due. Thanks, Mike}


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