A Short Review of "The Psalms, ESV"

I am always looking for a way to incorporate the Scriptures into the various times of daily prayer. Therefore, I was delighted when I recently noticed that Crossway has bound the Biblical Psalter in a single book called, “The Psalms, ESV”. This hardback-covered-in-trutone volume covers 384 printed pages, the size and thickness of a compact Bible, and has a total of 14 blank leaves for notes and references along with a presentation page. The format of each Psalm is a lyrical-poetic form centered on the page. Each Psalm has its own space so that when a Psalm ends on a page there is a blank space, with the following Psalm beginning on a new leaf. The print is an easy to read size on a cream colored background and thicker paper that doesn't bleed when marked.

The aesthetic presentation comes across well, and facilitates devotional use. If one likes to chant the Psalter, the arrangement is set-up in such a way as to make it possible. Though it’s not “pointed”, nevertheless the mildly experienced to expert user will find the punctuation and organization quickly lends to intoning any given Psalm. And the size and weight is easy to hold in a single hand.

“The Psalms, ESV” is a beautiful work. With a little thought, it would be ideal for congregational use, and it will be beneficial for individual devotional practice. I enthusiastically recommend this book and commend Crossway for its work.

[Feel free to re-post of republish this review. As always, please give credit where credit is due. Mike]


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