Pastoral Prayer - 26 January 2014

[I hope you will find this helpful. I post these for two primary reasons: (1) To help fellow ministers in their attempt at leading their congregations in prayer week-by-week; (2) to help fellow believers looking for ways to form and shape their praying throughout the week. Mike]
Adoration and Intercession: (pondering Isaiah 43.10-13). You and you alone are Yahweh God, and besides you there is no savior: you have declared, and saved and proclaimed; there is none who can deliver from your hand, you work, and no one can turn it back. As you have called us to be your witnesses, your servants whom you have chosen, make us thriving, courageous witnesses joyfully testifying about your amazing grace and steadfast love in Christ Jesus. And, O God, vivify this season of prayer and fasting, that we may be able to detect the course you want us to pursue, and that we might be refreshed with you and your support. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord, who can open the eyes of the blind, unstop the ears of the deaf, loosen the tongue of the mute to sing for joy, cause waters to break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert: rouse your mercy and kindness to heal, to restore, to refurbish those of our families and congregation who are limping and lame, sick and sore, bruised and wounded... (Isaiah 35.5-6). O Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord God, we pray for your church in all places – including Oklahoma Korean Central Presbyterian Church; Our Lady’s Cathedral; Our Lord’s Community Church; Fort Worth PCA; Grace Community PCA-Ft. Worth; Fifth Street PCA-Tyler, TX. Make your Spirit to hover over your Church, which at times can look like she is teetering on becoming formless and void; bring order where it is needed, life to those churches that have a reputation for being alive but are dead; to those churches that have abandoned the love they had at first, grant them to remember from where they have fallen, to repent, and do the works they did at first; and those churches in trouble, poverty and subject to slander, may they be faithful unto death, looking to your promise that you will give them the crown of life (Revelation 2-3). O Lord, hear our prayer.

We long to see your churches full, that all the chosen race may, with one voice and heart and soul, sing your redeeming grace (TH #469); to that end, we implore you to afford us openings to step into peoples’ lives and tell them the good news about Jesus. And move on the hearts of our friends, family members and even our foes who do not know you and have not obeyed the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. O Lord, hear our prayer.

To you, O Ruler of rulers, Chief above all chiefs of state; have compassion on our country that our leaders might lead this nation in virtuous ways; that our judges would hear and decide the cases before them with true justice and reasonable uprightness; our legislators would pass sensible and legitimate laws; and we and our fellow citizens would maintain our liberties in righteousness and peace. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Bring rain to this region, O God, for we see that we are already beginning to be in need. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Finally, please watch over our sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines who are still deployed in combat; and be with those about to be deployed. Preserve them and bring them home safe a sound – mind and body, and protect their families. O Lord, hear our prayer.

All of these prayers we offer through your Son, Jesus Christ, as we now sing:
"Hear our prayer, O Lord, hear our prayer, O Lord; 
Incline Thine ear to us, & grant us Thy peace. Amen" 
(Trinity Hymnal #728)


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