Pastoral/Congregational Prayer 17 February 2013

{Feel free to use this in your own congregation, community, family or individual prayers-MWP}

O Lord our God, whose right hand and holy arm have gained you the victory; we pray for the Church of our Lord throughout the world, New St. Peter’s Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Paul Hamelryck, his family and their missions work in Zambia; and these churches in our area: 1st Free Will Baptist Church; Southern Hills Christian Church; 1st Church of the Nazarene; New Covenant UMC; St. John the Baptist Catholic Church; Christ Community Church; Lighthouse Lutheran Church. Grant us to flee covetousness, the love of money, and the delusion that godliness is a means of gain; and to pursue righteousness, godliness with contentment, faith, love, steadfastness and gentleness, as we fight the good fight of the Faith, and take hold of eternal life to which we have been called (1 Tim. 6). Lord, hear our prayer.

We ask your richest care, healing touch, and sustaining comfort for all who are ill, distraught, and overwhelmed; we remember {names here},…And we ask you to sustain, fortify and lead our sitting Ruling Elders, B*** and B***, as they love and shepherd with the love and pastoring care of Christ.  Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord God, we intercede on behalf of those we know who are unbelievers or having once confessed their faith in Christ have stumbled and fallen away….In the words of Paul, grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, that they may escape the snare of the devil who has captured them.  Lord, hear our prayer

We look around at a hurting, battered, bludgeoned world, where, in families, villages, tribes, and countries, there are wars and rumors of wars; pestilence, famine, drought, calamities and bitter unrest, and we cry out to you; please deluge us and our world with Your mercies, so that concord, healthiness, and wellbeing might prevail throughout the nations, to the end that Your Gospel may go forward unhindered, Your creation beautifully thrive and Your Church in all places prospered. Lord, hear our prayer.

O God who governs the world, to whom the nations are a mere drop in a bucket; our own country feels like it is drowning in a tsunami. Morality is up for grabs, with the only unforgivable sins being intolerance and bigotry. Give strength, and steady direction to those organizations working hard to hold the line: like the Boy Scouts of America, Hobby Lobby, and others. Draw your church in North America back to your side, rebuilding the old foundations of godliness and charity; restoring the old time religion that once loved you more than the applause and approval of the world; for if judgment must begin at the household of God (as Peter declared), then we have some serious repairs and repentance to be doing. Dear God, have mercy! Lord, hear our prayer.

Father, you who care about the terrorized, forsaken, bankrupt, derelict, and spurned; we pray for those who are working hard to help and care for those in need (the Spero Project; MarkedOKC)…grant them funds, volunteers, and guidance; and disclose to us the ways we too can be an active part. Lord, hear our prayer.

All of these prayers we offer through Your Son, Jesus Christ, as we now sing:
Hear our prayer, O Lord. Hear our prayer, O Lord; Incline thin ear to us, and grant us thy peace. Amen


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